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GUANGDONG ALL IN ONE MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO.,LTD (ALL IN ONE) is a supply chain company specializing in medical device industry, we are deeply dedicates in serving domestic hospitals and distributors managements since 2015. As a medical device supply chain enterprise, with 50 million registered capitals, over 300 employees, we own the full ranges of medical device business qualifications. Operating a varieties of medical device covering category 1/2/3, So far ALL IN ONE business covers all provinces in China mainland and has high reputation in Europe , Asia and North-America.

ALL IN ONE is dedicated into provides international trade service, product service, capital supports, logistic solutions, purchase service for domestic factories, foreign companies, distributors, and medical institutions.

After years of accumulations, we have more than 80000 types of medical devices and materials now, with those variety of products, we are having more than 150 partners, over 5000 strategic cooperative manufacturers, more than 1200 distributors, over 4000 hospital and medical institutions in all the world.

In 2019, we have achieved a turnover of 1.78 billion CNY.  In the future, ALL IN ONE will grow up to be the first-class comprehensive solution provider in medical industry.

  1. 150+ Partners
  2. 8000+ Cooperative Manufacturers
  3. 2500+ Distributors
  4. 6500+ End-usd Medical Institutions
  5. 80000+ Medical Items
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