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The 2020 Annual Meeting for the Report was successfully held
Release time:2021-01-28
In 2020, it is the most profound memory for a year, the new crown outbreak, flood, plague, the financial wobbles, each person's life, but strong put under the control of the country, we still have a good life safeguard and smooth work, magic has come to an end in 2020, at the beginning of the end, or one hui held on January 27, 2021, "five years wind and rain, hand in hand" 2020 annual reporting on activities, pledging conference and one year commendation congress three meetings, with data to conclude in 2020, with plans to sprint 2021 goal.

At 8 a.m. the whole, or one remit 2020 annual reporting on activities meeting was held in guangdong and one of department on the second floor conference room on time, or one founder, chairman and CEO Hu Fei Yang, co-founder and director and deputy general manager Hu Ying, founding partner of company and director Sun Qilin your auspicious, founding partner and supervisors, partner, director Yang and all staff to attend this activity.

At the meeting, the heads of all departments of the company showed the achievements and shortcomings of each department in 2020 and expounded the development plan and core indicators for 2021 to all the staff in the form of sharing data, matching results and proposing measures.

Hu Feiyang, Chairman and CEO of the company, made a report on the development of the company in 2020 on behalf of the company. In view of the development of the company in 2020, Hu Feiyang expressed his affirmation for the hard work of all the employees of the company.Then, Hu Feiyang made an analysis of the deficiencies of the Group and put forward seven work requirements for all employees, covering various aspects such as service, system and efficiency.Hu Feiyang stressed: "To optimize the process with the system, we need to focus on improving the business processing capacity of the company in 2021, and strive to bring better and more efficient service experience to customers."
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