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ALL IN ONE Group supports the first line of flood fighting and disaster relief
Release time:2020-08-30

The economic losses of each province cannot be measured

Jiangxi province, which has Poyang Lake

It's the hardest hit area

When one side is in trouble, help comes from all directions

The good children of flood fighting and disaster relief are advancing one after another

With my gratitude and feelings for my hometown

It is natural for us to shoulder the responsibilities given by society

The flood is merciless, with one hui have love

After the epidemic assistance, United One Exchange again

With action to write the original mission

On July 30, under the instruction of Hu Feiyang, chairman of Heyihui Group, Heyihui got in touch with The Medical equipment industry Base of Jiangxi Province and donated relief materials to the first-line flood control commandos of the medical equipment industry base of Jiangxi Province to express sympathy to the first-line flood fighting and disaster relief teams.

It is reported that the flood relief supplies mainly include emergency medical supplies, disinfectant spray, instant noodles, mineral water, fruit and other supplies, which can timely protect the health of the flood relief personnel.

Natural disaster while we couldn't resist, but we can caress the warmth of the world, one hui group will focus on epidemic prevention and control and flood situation, actively undertake corporate social responsibility, do our best to assist countries in epidemic prevention and control of new crowns and flood relief, together with the national people's victory over this "bump" in 2020.

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